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Shanghai Hengcheng Beverage Equipments Products are ready for you!

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New comers arrival in 



/UpdateMarch. 21st, 2023 / By HC EQUIIPMENTS


   Shanghai Hengcheng Bevrage Equipments Company are well loved by customers around the world.

In the early morning of March 21, 2023, Several trucks fully loaded arrived in our Shanghai Hengcheng stocks from Our Suzhou craft beer brewing equipments production plants. The van was loaded with goods bound for many countries. And also it also include multiple categories at the same time. Some are our regular hot sellers, the others are our customization arts.

One of the most popular products is our 100l nano/micro brewery system.

Here’s the introduction of 100L 3-Vessel Brewhouse.

100LBrewhouse is specially customized for homebrew hobbies, entry-level Micro Breweries, Pilot Brewing System for breweries and Medium and large bar or a full-scale Nano-Brewery production. The 100L Brewhouse saves space only 2㎡ and installation time. Compact desian& Movable casters, Equipmed with PID operating and control system.Most of them are electric heating once consisdering investment pressure.

Our mission Hengcehng Brewing equipment is the authority on homebrewing,pubs,breweries, restarants' brewing equipmentssupplies and equipment.

We continuously monitor the brewingmarket in order to bring you the best equipments’,choices, prices, reviews and deals available. To help our customers start up with the suitable equipments, combinations and successful guide for them, We have won the trust of many customers, We believe that more and more people will believe in our quality and quality.

We are eagerly hope you can share with us on your plans and  come over to see us.

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