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500L Fermentation tank

Product Description

Material: SUS304 sanitary stainless steel;

Effective volume: 500L

60 cone bottom; 100% TIG welding; cleaning and polishing,

Side manway or Top manway

Design Pressure: 0.2MPa  (0.3Bar optional) ,

Thicknessof tank material: 3mm for interior shell; 2mm for exterior shell,

Insulation layer: Polyurethane Foaming Insulation,  80mm,

Internal and external surfacesbe sanitary polish, inner surface be pickled and passivated,

Glycol inlet and outlet port, Wort inlet and beer outlet,

1*safty valve / pressure relief valve,

1*pressure gauge,

1*temperature gauge,

1*sampling valve,

4* Butterfly valves,

1*CIP cleaning ball,

Cooling Jacket: Welded dimple plate.

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