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Place of Origin:Shanghai,China
Brand Name:HengCheng
Model Number:HC-BH-02
Minimum Order Quantity:1
Packaging Details:Wooden case or iron palet
Delivery Time:35 working days
Payment Terms:30% advance payment
Supply Ability:100 Unit /month

Product Description

Brewers use dry hop beer to enhance the aroma of the beer. Adding hops after the wort has cooled prevents the hops from evaporating and prevents the essential oils from evaporating. The end result of dry hops is increased aroma without any additional bitterness.

Products are made of the highest quality 304 stainless steel, 100% TIG welding, welding polishing; craft handmade, exquisite durable, easy to clean. Inquiries are welcome.


Product Name

Hop Cannon Hop gun For Dry Hopping During Beer Fermentation


80Liters and 100Litersor cutomized


Materials:SS304Sanitary Welding&Polishings

Installation Method

Assembled ready, Removable


Sight Glass Window

Interior Candle Filter

Flange Manway

Pressure Release Valve

Pressure Gauge

Upper and Lower Tangent Beer Inlets

Bottomed Beer Outlet Pipe and Discharging Pipe

CIP Spraying Ball

Support legs


Working Pressure

Working Pressure 1-2bar; Test Pressure: 2.5 Bar

Features of Hengcheng Hop Gun

Avoid oxygen pick-up

Increase in Yield and taste stability

No Co2 losses in Green bear

Gentle dissolving of hop pellets in cold beer

Reduction in Contact time

Freely selectable hop dosing time and duration

Use less hops and Save more beers

Flexible and easy to clean

Working Process

1.Hop filling

2.Evacuation with Co2

3.Beer filling under pressure

4.Extraction of aromatic compounds

5.Beer Evacuation under pressure

6.Hop Sludge drain out


Competitive Advantage

1. Sanitary Polishing
-Inside Polishing: Overall polishing to 0.4μm without dead corner .
-Outside Polishing: Sanitary polishing, smooth enough and passivated treatment.
-Purpose: Make sure the inner tank smooth to avoid hard cleaning. Outer tanks looks more like an artwork.

2. 100% WIG Welding
-All welding is TIG welding.
-All welding is Full welding.
-All welding is double side welding.
-Purpose: The use of argon on the protection of metal welding material,which Makes tanks durable and strong.



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