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What happens to diacetyl when beer is fermented?

Time : 2020-02-27 Hits : 44

Diacetyl is an important by-product in beer fermentation, an important substance that affects beer flavor, and a limiting indicator of beer maturity. It is volatile and strongly irritating. When its content is too high (≥1.5mg / L in light beer), the beer will show a taste of rice, severely damage the flavor of the beer, and affect the sensory quality of the beer.China Automated Keg Washers
In the early stage of beer fermentation, the content of diacetyl is very high. In the later stage of fermentation, after the yeast reabsorbs it, it is reduced to butanediol. Butyl glycol's flavor threshold in beer is much greater than diacetyl, which can promote beer taste to maturity.
However, in the process of post-fermentation and wine storage, the number of yeasts is small, and the speed of reducing diacetyl is slow, resulting in a long diacetyl reduction cycle. This stage accounts for more than 60% of the total time of the beer brewing process, so it can be judged that one of the main influencing factors to shorten the beer fermentation cycle is diacetyl.

Therefore, studying the formation of diacetyl in beer brewing process and looking for various methods to quickly reduce the content of diacetyl in beer, so as to promote the maturity of beer, shorten the fermentation cycle, increase the utilization of equipment and reduce costs, has become beer brew The focus of attention.