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What is the culture of beer?

Time : 2020-01-20 Hits : 41

Beer is a very common drink in life. In summer, people like to drink a glass of cold cold beer is very comfortable. They will also have a glass when they eat barbecue. In the summer, beer has replaced white wine and become a young man nowadays. Very favorite drink. We know that liquor has been in China for thousands of years. When did beer develop? Let ’s take a look at it together.

The origin of beer goes back 8000 years. At that time, in the Tigris and Euphrates rivers, one of the cradles of human civilization, there was a Gypsy nomad called the Sumerians. Whenever the Sumers won the battle, they liked to drink a kind made from barley. This is the earliest beer.
The ancient stone murals show the ancient beer brewing process-baking bread (braking the baked bread and immersing it in water to produce mash) and using barley. The literature describes the drink as "exciting, cozy and overwhelming". The Babylonians first exported beer to other regions. One of their lager beers is loved by Egyptians 1,000 kilometers away. The importance of beer in Egyptian culture was so important that scholars at the time created another type of hieroglyph for "beer brewers". Later, the ancient Egyptians improved the beer brewing technology and brewed beer with different flavors. Following the war and trade, Romans, Greeks, and Jews all learned beer brewing technology from Egypt and passed it to Europe.

There is no doubt that the Egyptians are true lovers of beer, they call it "Boozah", and even the inscription on the pharaoh's temple speaks affectionately of the pharaohs' love for this beer. The Egyptians believe that beer has a magical function, and the phenomenon of fermentation can only be explained by the word "magic" (they think it is obviously the divine power of the sun god). Therefore, in order to please the sun god and other gods, King Ramases III sacrifices the sky with 30,000 gallons of beer every year. Although the festival consumes a large amount of beer, they still have enough beer to distribute two cans of beer each to the free people who build the pyramid every day. The Egyptians also knew much about the healing power of beer. A medical literature dated 1600 BC showed that 15% of the prescriptions prescribed by doctors at that time contained beer. Beer plays an important role in the life of many Egyptians, and it is no wonder that beer is integrated into the social customs of the country. For example, if a young man gives a young woman a sip of his beer, others will think that they have made a marriage contract. At that time, the laws of Egypt, like the Babylonian Code, protected the interests of customers. The owner of the inn who was short of money or had less change would be drowned immediately. However, it is said that adding water to the beer is less guilty, with the consequence that the hotel owner's ears will be nailed to his hotel door.Large Craft Brewery factory

With the development of history, people have become more and more fond of beer. At present, it has become an important drink in people's lives, making beer production bigger and bigger, and the beer equipment manufacturing industry has gradually become popular. At present, many entrepreneurs also It will focus on the production of beer equipment, and beer production is no longer limited to the development of a certain country, it is very popular in the entire world.