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What kind of food makes wine delicious?

Time : 2020-03-25 Hits : 44

Literature research shows that the purpose of planting grain in the early ancient working people was to make wine, not to eat food to feed the hunger, so liquor culture has developed on a large scale in ancient times. In the process, more and more cereals are used for winemaking. Sorghum, rice, glutinous rice, peas, corn, wheat, barley, buckwheat, and even potatoes and potatoes are used as ingredients for winemaking.

After a period of winemaking, it was found that this method of "100 grains together" is not applicable. The wine grain that can win is sorghum called "Emperor of Winemaking". Due to its high starch content, the fruit structure is very suitable. It is selected as the best raw material for Chinese liquor production. Since then, sorghum has been selected as the staple food for making white wine by accident.

The rapid development of modern brewing technology has changed the situation of sorghum as the leader in brewing grain. At present, corn and rice have become the materials of choice for brewing liquor. Wheat brown, glutinous rice cotton, rice net, corn sweet, Sorghum incense.
We know that starchy food crops can be used to make white wine, but why is there a difference in the taste of the wine? The reason is relatively simple, because the content of different ingredients in different grains is different, the flavor of the brewed wine is very different. The difference in the content of the ingredients is one of the factors, and there is another factor that causes the difference in the taste of the wine, that is, the internal structure of the grain is different.Automated Keg Washers Factory

Wheat, barley, pea grains: Due to their high protein content, such grains are likely to cause the excessive growth of miscellaneous bacteria during the winemaking process, and the generation of miscellaneous substances may be uncomfortable.

Glutinous rice and buckwheat: Everyone knows that the stickiness of glutinous rice and buckwheat is relatively high. Using this food to make wine is easy to set and reduce the poor air permeability, which causes the efficiency of liquor fermentation to be greatly reduced.
Rice: Rice is also a very common brewing material, but due to its high content of fat and cellulose, the taste of white wine will be affected to some extent.

Corn: There is a characteristic of using corn to make wine. The sweetness is high, which is caused by the high content of phytic acid; and the fat content of corn is also relatively high, which causes the evil flavor of white wine to be heavier.

Sweet potato, potato, cassava: The protein content and fat content of yam food are less, but the pectin content is too high, which can easily lead to the growth of miscellaneous bacteria and affect the taste.