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How long it will need to make beer ?

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How long it will need to make beer?

It is usually one of the first question people who do not know how to brew beer and have the desire of making beer or when they want to enter the business to brew beer will asks.


About this question, it do not have a one-size-fits-all answer, because there is not only a style of beer. Due to the different brewing and fermentation process, the time from raw materials to the finished beer ready to drink is different for different styles of beer.

But in general,the actual brewing process (mashing,lautering,boiling andwhirlpool etc.) varies the least, It takesaboutan hour to prep, grind grain and heat water, an hour to mash, an hour to boil, andhalf toan hour to chill, add yeast, and aerate. It can take longer when step mashing and conducting extende boils. Beer fermentation time is largely dependent on the beer style, it can take anywhere from a week to three months, even six months.


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