Brewhouse Systems

A brewhouse is the heart of a brewery. It’s capacity decided how much liters of beer you can brew each batch and each day, and the most important part in beer brewing. Through brewhouse, you get wort and the wort be boiled, and then the wort is cooled and then sent to the fermenters of the brewery, where yeast is added and fermentation takes place. Whether it is German type or American type of brewhouse system, it usually contains mashing, lautering, boiling, whirlpool four steps to get the pre-fermentation wort, on the basis of meeting these steps, the brewhouse system through different combinations to meet the requirements of different regional brewing processes and customer sites. Hengcheng can design and produce various brewhouse systems according to the requirements of different brewers and customers. So far, Hengcheng has designed and produced all kinds of brewhouse systems from 100L to 10000L for domestic and foreign customers.