Beer can't eat with anything


First, soda Drink beer and avoid soda, so drinking beer […]

First, soda

Drink beer and avoid soda, so drinking beer is rarely drunk. Because the soda contains a certain amount of carbon dioxide, the beer also contains a small amount of carbon dioxide. After the beer is mixed with soda, the excess carbon dioxide will promote the absorption of alcohol by the gastrointestinal mucosa. If you are slightly drunk during the drinking process, and then add a cup of soda, the drunk will be more concentrated, so the two can not drink.

Second, coffee

The alcohol contained in the beer has an exciting effect, and the caffeine contained in the coffee also has a strong excitatory effect. Drinking both together is very irritating to people. If you drink it when you are nervous or upset, it will increase your nervousness and irritability; if you have a nervous headache, you will immediately get sick.

Third, persimmon

Beer can't be eaten with persimmons, it canFittings& Valves& Keg Suppliers cause poisoning. Persimmons and other foods contain a lot of tannic acid, which can react with the nutrients in the beer, leading to "gastric persimmon disease" and symptoms such as abdominal distension and diarrhea.

Fourth, strong tea

Some friends drink a lot of strong tea after drunkenness and try to hangover. It is not known that the combination of caffeine and alcohol contained in tea will have adverse consequences. Not only will it not function as a hangover, but it will aggravate the pain of drunkenness.

5. Pickled and smoked food

The marinated smoked products contain organic rubber and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons short-term benzopyrene and aminomethyl derivatives which are produced during the processing due to improper cooking. When the beer is over-exposed, the blood lead content increases, and the above substances are combined with it. , can induce digestion (digestive food) disease.

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