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The so-called bomb wine is to put a small cup in a larg […]

The so-called bomb wine is to put a small cup in a large cup and drink it with two kinds of wine. There are 36 kinds of bomb wines in Korea, and there are many bombs in Korea. There are Taekwondo, Whirlwind, Golf, World Cup, Titanic, Waterfall, Grenade, Fire and Domino.
According to statistics, there are 36 kinds of bomb wines in Korea. For example, a small cup of local shochu is called a "grenade" in a large beer; a small glass of whisky is called a "atom bomb" in a large beer; a small glass of beer is put into a large cup. Whiskey called "neutron bomb"; small glass of shochu into a large glass of whisky called "hydrogen bomb", and so on. In addition, according to the different actions in the production, there are different names. For example, if you do it by hand, the wine will be called “whirlwind wine”; the whiskey in the small cup will be called “fire wine”. "Fire wine" really has a lot of effort to drink, otherwise it will burn your mouth or burn your eyebrows.
There are many sayings about the origin of bomb wine. It is more common to say that it originated from the US military barracks. The US military did not serve wine, and when it was whiskey, it used beer as an "auxiliary dish." The Korean soldiers passed it out of the military camp and, for convenience, put the whiskey in the beer and drank it together. The military people, out of their professional habits, combined with the image of making and drinking this wine, started the name of "bomb wine".Automated Keg Washers Factory
After the 1980s, the lives of Koreans became richer, and the "bomb wine" was quickly popularized. In fact, the "bomb wine" has evolved from a cheap and convenient enjoyment at that time into an important means of socializing and has become a mutually competitive way.
Friends must have this show. During the meal, everyone had three patrols, a little drunk, and then went to the "second time", that is, to go to the singing room, the main purpose is to drink "bomb wine." While singing and drinking, the atmosphere is very warm.
Koreans’ love for “bomb wine” has greatly increased the consumption of whiskey. According to the "Korean Alcohol Consumption Analysis" published by the Ministry of Finance and Economics in May 2002, Korean adults over the age of 20 consumed 119 bottles of beer, 79 bottles of liquor, 1.4 bottles of whiskey and 4.62 bottles of medicinal liquor and sake in 2001. The total amount of alcohol consumed throughout the year was 3.07 million liters. "Bomb wine" has become an important wine culture in Korea.
After the film "Hae Yuntai" was hot, "Tsunami" was extremely popular. It is made by pouring three-fifths of the beer into the beer mug and putting the wine cellar with the liquor into it. The amount of liquor is not submerged in the bottom of the beer, and then the beer is knocked with iron chopsticks. The beer rushed up and the wine cellar sank and you're done. This scene is easily reminiscent of the tsunami, so it is called "tsunami wine."
In South Korea, unit colleagues often gather for dinner. The bomb wine Craft Brewerysymbolizes the unity and equality of the collective organization, so it quickly became popular. In Europe and the United States, there are very few meals in the unit, and there are many occasions to bring family gatherings, so drinking alcohol is a difficult way to drink. The competition for bomb wine making methods can also be seen as a special leisure culture outside of drinking, or as an “entertainment method” for Korean men who are not good at words. Coupled with the Korean character's personality is a new thing, I want to show in front of people, so all kinds of coups will emerge endlessly.

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