Equipment for brewing fresh beer equipment


German-style brewed beer equipment mainly consists of t […]

German-style brewed beer equipment mainly consists of the following systems:
1. Malt smashing system
2, saccharification, boiling, filtration system
3. Fermentation system
4, temperature control system
5, refrigeration system
6, CIP in-situ automatic cleaning system
The German-style brewed beer equipment is made of copper and stainless steel. The copper antique shape of the mashing pot is elegant and elegant. The equipment is electrically heated, easy to operate, no noise and no pollution. Our company can also customize beer equipment according to the actual situation of each hotel, so that Jinhansen beer equipment becomes the hardware to improve the hotel grade. This kind of on-site wine-making, wine-tasting bars and restaurants have increasingly appeared in urban life.
The hotel's supporting taros beer machine is the inevitable direction for the development of the catering industry in the future, because with the improvement of people's quality of life, people's consumption demand will increase to the more nutritious, healthier, more natural and more enjoyable direction. The change, and because of the taste of the beer, nutrition or consumption sentiment is to make the high-end bottled beer can not compete with it, more importantly, Jin Hansen brewing beer equipment on-site brewing, on-site consumption, can be collected The bacteria infection system is brewed, unfiltered, does not require high temperature treatment, unique process without any additives, and is truly blended with whole malt. Therefore, the taste is more pure, fresher, more nutritious and more hygienic. Especially in the production process without any additives, it is truly original, all-natural beer, which is called the boutique of beer boutique. At the same time, beer houses in many developed countries in the world can be seen everywhere, which fully reflects the development prospects and vitality of beer houses in China.China Fittings& Valves& Keg Suppliers
Putting a set of beautiful and luxurious Talos beer equipment in the hotel to brew the original beer will be a revolution and transcendence of the Chinese catering industry, because it is not only a large amount of capital investment, but more importantly, it is high. The input of technology and the symbol of the hotel's image and strength, at the same time, she not only showed the image and strength of the hotel, but also played the melody of the Chinese hotel and the world.

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