Home-style beer duck practice


Hello everyone, I believe that everyone has a desire to […]

Hello everyone, I believe that everyone has a desire to excel in food, but sometimes you will not know what to eat if you eat more things in your mouth. Beer duck is really a delicious dish. Let's teach everyone how to do it. 1. Prepare Ingredients, pepper, cinnamon, star anise, salt, soy sauce, fragrant leaves, duck, green pepper, beer, cooking wine, green onions, coriander, ginger, rock sugar, these ingredients are all ready. 2, prepare the ingredients, wash the ducks in large chunks, cold water pot, wash impurities after boiling, 3, onion cut, ginger slices, garlic flattened, green pepper cut.
5, hot pot cold oil, add onion section, ginger, garlic, fragrant incense once again into the duck pieces, stir-fry the oil, the appearance of burnt color can be. 6, prepare the casserole, transfer the duck to the pot, remove the duck oil, add the spices and seasonings, pour the beer, simmer for 2 hours, and finally turn over several times to prevent the juice from sticking to the bottom. Sprinkle with a green pepper circle, 8, you can eat it when you cook it. When you cook it, you can complete a simple beer duck. The friends have a desire to eat.Craft Brewery
To be honest, I also want to eat now. I am still hungry. If I put this beer duck in the pot, and then steam it on the top and the dough, the taste is definitely more beautiful. I think about the scene and eat the casserole. Just like a beer duck, it’s just a delicious meal. Now I think I’m drooling. I really want to eat it. If you don’t know how to cook it, I can teach you. First, we prepare flour, salt and spicy. , warm water and noodles and into seasons. Wake up for thirty minutes, then take it out and put it on the panel, smooth it.
Then knead the dough into a dough with a rolling pin and apply it to the dough. Put some sesame oil on it, sprinkle with salt, and sprinkle it together. Squeeze into a pancake and steam in a pan. The steamed thing is just two words. Enjoyable! Well, I don’t have much to say. If you want to eat, you can try it. In fact, beer ducks can also be made into hot pots. I don't know if you have ever eaten them. Next, I will tell you about the practice.

1, the main ingredients are duck, beer, tripe, pork, pork belly, luncheon meat, tofu skin, greens, scallions, vegetable oil, lard, bean paste, ginger, soaked pepper, garlic cloves, ginger, pepper, White sugar, salt, monosodium glutamate, pepper noodles. 2, remove the duck from the internal organs, grab the tip, the mouth shell, go to the residual hair, wash, use gauze to dry the water, put it into a cold water pot to boil, open a small fire to cook eight mature, remove and cut into 4 cm square The block is ready for use, the tripe is washed, the piece is made into a piece about 1.7 cm wide, the pig belly is cut off the belly, the belly is removed, the oil band is repaired, the water is washed, the cross is cut and the knife is changed into a strip.

Cut the luncheon meat and tofu skin into pieces, wash the vegetables, go to the old leaves, take the young leaves, wash the skin and cut them into pieces. Except for the above-mentioned ducks, they are divided into two parts, and the symmetrical plates are placed around the hot pot. 2, use the wok to set the fire, heat the vegetable oil, soak the ginger, soak the pepper section, the bean paste, the ginger, stir fry a few times, remove the remaining oil, the lard, garlic cloves, pepper, etc. A few times, pour the boiled duck soup, cook very much, under the duck, sugar, salt, MSG, pepper noodles, boil, and beat the foam. Then put the soup and duck pieces into the hot pot and ignite them on the table, while cooking and eating, all kinds of vegetarian dishes are free to eat. Friends are simple, let's try it.

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