Have you ever brewed craft beer? Do you know what is craft beer? Come check it out.


Everyone knows that beer is a kind of drink that we oft […]

Everyone knows that beer is a kind of drink that we often come into contact with in daily life. It is indispensable for family and friends to meet. Today Xiaobian here is a simple introduction to what is craft beer.

In order to pursue the best taste, craft beer uses a high-quality malt, hops, yeast and high-quality water source, and brews a beer.

Unlike industrial beer on the market, its price is also slightly higher due to its high cost. Originally created by Americans, it is based on the unconstrained spirit of Americans, bold and innovative, and has a variety of flavors. Various ingredients are added to the beer. Such as: orange peel, sweet-scented osmanthus, cinnamon, all kinds of fruit. Very popular with everyone. Craft beer is rich in a large number of amino acids. Bioactive substances polyphenols, polyphenols have a certain role in human anti-cancer. Rich in vitamin B, vitamin A, vitamin D, vitamin E, trace elements calcium, magnesium. Anti-aging, beauty and beauty. And it contains hops and other bitter substances can promote gastric acid secretion, help digestion of the stomach. It also plays a role in protecting human vision. The yeast fermented the wort, releasing alcohol and carbon dioxide. After a few hours of cold storage, the night and night carbon dioxide are fully dissolved, resulting in a strong killing sensation. On a hot summer day, drink a few glasses of cold beer and order the skewers, very comfortable.

The craft beer is generally fermented, the yeast is fermented above the wort, and the fermentation temperature is high. Long fermentation period (20-40 days), strong body, high alcohol content, suitable for small mouth to taste slowly. The taste is also richer than ordinary beer. For example: banana flavor (classic taste of German beer), strawberry flavor, orange Taste, the bitter taste of hops. Fatty flavor. Industrial beer generally uses the next fermentation method, low temperature fermentation. The fermentation cycle is short (7-10 days), the wine is light, the taste is single, refreshing. It is suitable for drinking.

It is divided into Aier beer and Lager beer according to the fermentation method. The upper fermentation belongs to Aier beer, and the lower fermentation belongs to Lager beer. It is roughly divided into wheat beer, barley beer, Indian pastel color (IPA), Shi Tao (black) according to the type. beer)

In general, craft beer is not sterilized by bus, in order to better preserve the fresh taste of beer, but the shelf life is shorter, also known as raw pulp draft beer. In order to increase the shelf life, industrial beer maintains the stability of the wine. Need to be sterilized by bus. For example, Qingdao, which we often drink, snowflake and the like belong to industrial lager beer.

Today, Xiaobian will introduce you to here, and finally tell everyone that although the beer is good, you must not be greedy!

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