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The famous Brand beers all find their source at Brand b […]

The famous Brand beers all find their source at Brand breweries, tucked away in the municipality of Wijre in Netherlands. The main reason the Brand family decided to establish their first brewery in Wijre is because of the perfect climatic conditions of the place. With an abundance of sparkling water flowing underground, the company had no difficulty in brewing a first class beer that tingled the taste buds of beer drinkers. The brewery is named after the Brand family, which first purchased what was one of the oldest breweries in the Netherlands. Though the Brand family later sold the brewery to beer manufacturing giant Heineken, they still remain an integral part of the management for the company.China Keg Washers Manufacturers

Brand produces a variety of beers, each with their own unique taste. Brand Oud Bruin, Brand Pils, Brand Cuvee, Brand Urtyp and Brand Dubbelbock are some of the major beers that are produced by Brand. Beer drinkers of the United States may be more familiar with Royal Brand Beer, which is nothing but the Brand Pils beer marketed under another name. The main beer manufactured by Brand is Cuvee, whose manufacture requires the use of both bottom and top fermentation. The entire fermentation of Brand Cuvee is carried out on a yeast strain. Another famous beer from the breweries of Brand is Urtyp, a premium beer made of German hops.

The brewers also offer support to a plethora of other breweries in the form of funding. Brand is a brewery that made it big after starting from scratch. The breweries allow for a larger lager period than usual, which emphasizes their commitment to retaining the original flavor and taste of their beers. The brewery also houses a number of visitors' attractions and conducts regular and detailed tours of the entire brewery to give visitors a peek into the amount of dedication and care that goes into each bottle of Brand's beer. Many breweries across the world pay great attention to tradition, family brewing practices and their brewing history to retain their exquisite taste and to instill credibility and trust, which, like any good beer, only comes with time!

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