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People generally like to use dried yam to broth, the co […]

People generally like to use dried yam to broth, the color is white and delicious. There are many yams, sometimes they can't be sold or eaten. People use some methods to make yam wine, and the distilled yam wine will be safer and safer.

Because the yam slices or the greasy juiceChina Fermentesr Suppliers are sticky, and some are slightly toxic, the tongue will be numb, and it will not be cooked after cooking. Stuffed yam wine is more difficult to handle than sweet potato wine, because the viscosity will affect the fermentation, so the initial stir to help the fermentation, because the mixing is easy to bring bacteria contamination, so pay attention to the clean mixer.

According to the winemaker, rice husk can also be used as an auxiliary material to clean the rice husk, open the lid and cook it again, which can increase the gas permeability during fermentation.
Yam wine brewing method

The finished product is 13800cc

Production time is about 1-3 months

Material: 13800g of yam, 2100g of sugar, 80g of rice wine

Tools: 1 fermenter, 1 sealing cloth, 1 plastic bag, 1 rubber band

1: Wash the mountain medicinal water and peel it.

2: Add the yam to the water and drench the mountain pills to steam. It can be achieved by the method of permeation to achieve the best condition of loose Q without agglomeration or dilution.

3: Prepare the koji and grind it into a uniform fine powder to facilitate the uniform contact of the yam.

4: Put the steamed yam raw material directly into the prepared plastic bucket, or put it on the table and put it in a plastic bucket for later use.

5: When the cooked yam is cooled to a temperature of 30 ° C, put the koji into a plastic bucket and mix with the yam.

6: Cover the mouth of the barrel with a breathable white cloth, tighten the outer rubber band, pay attention to heat preservation, and the temperature is around 30 degrees Celsius.

7: If there is no juice to ferment together, only use mountain tablets. After about 72 hours, add the first water and add twice the amount of water. Do not stir the distiller's grains to avoid destroying the bacteria. Add a second water after 12 hours, then add a third water every 12 hours. At this point, stir the vinasse to mix.

8: The fermentation period is about 15-20 days. The winter temperature is lower, the fermentation time needs to be longer, the summer temperature is high, and the fermentation time is too long to be sour.

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