Dutch entrepreneurs brew beer with rainwater


For more than a century, June has been listed as one of […]

For more than a century, June has been listed as one of the rainiest months in many parts of Europe. In the Dutch capital, Amsterdam, rain has become a blessing for many local entrepreneurs, and too much water is just used to make beer.China Direct Fire Manufacturers

The continuous rain in summer may make some people unhappy, but it brings others a perfect green energy solution: brewing beer with rain water. In order to take full advantage of the excessive rain in summer, a group of entrepreneurs in Amsterdam teamed up with a small local brewery to design a sustainable solution to the rain problem.

Entrepreneur Juris Huabi said, "Our team was looking for a solution together, and I was just brewing beer at the time. The idea was that I needed water to brew beer, and I encountered the problem of constant rain. So why not combine the two? "

"All the rainwater collected on the roof is transferred to this giant silo behind it. We use a pump with a filter to purify the water, and then this water It will enter the filter through a hose, and the water coming out of it will be clean water. "

The rainwater collected on the roof was filtered to make beer, which sounds simple, but when Hu Aibi presented the idea to the De Prael brewery, the other side was a bit surprised.

Thomas Gersink of Tipal Brewery said: "When we started talking about brewing beer with rainwater, I was very excited, but also a bit surprised because I had never heard of this method. But very Soon we will agree to do this, because this is the first time I have used what I know to do one thing, and the project is very creative. "

Since March, the team has collected more than 200 liters of rainwater and produced 1,000 liters of golden yellow bitter beer. However, collecting rainwater is one thing, and pre-use filtration procedures are another challenge.

"We want to make sure that the collected rainwater is filtered, boiled and free of bacteria and Legionella. We don't want these bacteria to appear in beer, it's important, so we spend a lot of time disinfecting the water , Which you do n’t need to do in the normal brewing process. "

This beer is called Hemelswater, which means "water of paradise". The first beers are now almost sold out. Now Hu Aibi has convinced a brewery to start brewing beer with rainwater. He said he felt he had a mission to convince more industries to use rainwater for production.

"We are more concerned with consumer-friendly products that use a lot of water in production. For example, soups and paper products are both options because the paper industry uses a lot of water. We consider The scope includes all these interesting things that people can buy and use, and it also makes people aware of the problem of excessive rain. "

Climate change makes summers in some European regions, such as the Netherlands, more likely to receive heavy rainfall, so there will be plenty of free water to meet the needs of various uses.
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