Main features of British beer equipment:


1. We say that the main equipment of British beer equip […]

1. We say that the main equipment of British beer equipment includes the following parts: “Brewing equipment (ie beer fermentation tanks, water treatment equipment, refrigeration equipment in German equipment.)”
2. The operation is simple, the equipment cost is relatively small, but the brewing cost is higher.
3. British equipment brewing this analysis: Take Nissan 200L beer equipment as an example.Large Craft Brewery Equipment Manufacturers
The main raw materials of the general British beer equipment are: beer syrup (which can be produced by German syrup in German-style equipment). The main price range of beer syrup is 1000-1200 yuan/28KG, which can brew about 400-600. Jin, that is to say, the cost per kilogram can reach 2.75 yuan = 5.5 yuan / L.
The main features of the German beer equipment:
1. The development of German-style equipment has been in China for decades. Its technology is exquisite, simple and efficient. It produces pure nutritious fresh beer without filtering and high-temperature sterilization, thus retaining the unique mellow taste of beer. Nutritional ingredients, the winemaking cycle takes only 8-12 days. The main components of the equipment are “the saccharification system (self-brewed syrup), beer fermentation system, control system, refrigeration system, washing system.”
2. The operation is simple and convenient, and the equipment cost is relatively larger than that of the British beer equipment, but the brewing cost is lower and the beer has higher profit.
3. German beer equipment brewing this analysis: Take 200L beer equipment as an example,
The main raw materials for German beer equipment include: hops, barley malt, yeast, and water. The brewing costs mainly include the following aspects: malt, hops, yeast, water, electricity, personnel costs, wine loss, equipment depreciation, and management costs. The overall price of beer brewing is 2.1-2.8 yuan / L.
The main differences between British beer equipment and German beer equipment are:
The operation of the British beer equipment only needs to buy syrup, and it can be fermented at room temperature, but it is twice the cost of the German beer equipment, and the taste is relatively simple compared to the German beer equipment. The reason is mainly because we cannot control ourselves. syrup).
The operation of German beer equipment is more difficult than that of British beer equipment. However, we can control the fermentation temperature of beer and the mashing time of beer wort, thus brewing different flavors of puree beer.

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