• How to make brewed beer equipment


    How to achieve temperature control when brewing beer in home-brewed beer equipment? In the fermentation workshop of the brewery, both the brewer and the operator, pay attention to the temperature of t...

  • What happens if the beer is not vented during fermentation?


    Yeast must be discharged frequently. Otherwise, due to the high temperature of the cone bottom, the yeast has its own yeast odor on the one hand,China Fermenters Manufacturers Wholesales and the decom...

  • How many days does Heineken brew


    Heineken brewing takes 28 days. The brewing process of Heineken beer: Before brewing Xile beer, the original wheat raw materials should be replaced with hops. After a series of processes such as bakin...

  • What kind of food makes wine delicious?


    Literature research shows that the purpose of planting grain in the early ancient working people was to make wine, not to eat food to feed the hunger, so liquor culture has developed on a large scale ...

  • Product Features of Xile Beer


    The Heineken Iron King Kong is an aluminum cylindrical can body with a green round plastic valve on the upper end. The can body is filled with 5 liters of fresh draft beer, which is equivalent to the ...

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