Vacuum valve and a safety valve


A vacuum valve is a valve that has a working pressure l […]

A vacuum valve is a valve that has a working pressure lower than the standard atmospheric pressure.

First, the nature is different

1. Safety valve: The opening and closing member is in the normally closed state under the action of external force. When the medium pressure in the equipment or pipeline is higher than the specified value, the medium can be prevented from exceeding the specified value by discharging the medium outside the system. .

2. Vacuum valve: A component used in a vacuum systemstation keg washer Manufacturers to change the direction of the airflow, adjust the size of the airflow, and cut or open the piping of the vacuum system.

Second, the role is different

1. Safety valve function: The safety valve plays a safety protection role in the system. When the system pressure exceeds the specified value, the safety valve is opened, and some of the gas and liquid in the system are discharged into the atmosphere and the pipeline, so that the system pressure does not exceed the allowable value, so as to ensure that the system is not excessively stressed.

2. Vacuum valve function:

(1) Switching the gas path to change the flow path of the airflow.

(2) Control the size of the airflow and adjust the vacuum.

(3) When the metering is inflated, the plunger of the glass valve has a certain volume of small holes. When the small hole is rotated to the right and connected with the high pressure cylinder, the small hole can be filled with high pressure gas; when it turns to the left and When the vacuum container is connected, it puts the volume of the high-pressure gas into the container, thereby functioning as a quantitative inflation.

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