Is beer belly related to beer?


Is beer belly related to beer? Beer belly has nothing t […]

Is beer belly related to beer?

Beer belly has nothing to do with beer. The formation of beer belly is not caused by simply drinking beer. Beer belly is not directly related to drinking beer. There are many factors in the formation of beer belly, such as gender, age, exercise, sleep, diet, etc., and when drinking, the main reason for the beer to really work is the excessive drinking and the promotion of the appetite of the wine, leading to human intake. Excessive other foods make you fat.

Why don’t you drink beer?

The reason for not drinking beer and beer belly is overnutrition, lack of Craft Brewerysleep, and lack of exercise for a long time. Beer belly is related to male genetics, just as female obesity starts from the waist, and most of the male's fat is stored in the abdomen. Of course, each man's genes are different, and the possibility of triggering a "beer belly" is different. In general, adolescents have beer belly, often because of overnutrition. For middle-aged people, sleep quality is the main cause.
What is the danger of beer belly?

1. The bigger the waist, the more likely it is to have high blood pressure
Obesity is closely related to high blood pressure. The waistBrewery Equipment circumference is thicker between the ages of 20 and 30, and the incidence of hypertension is one time higher than that of normal waist circumference. The waist circumference is thicker between 40 and 50 years old, and the incidence of hypertension is 50% higher than that of normal waist circumference.

2. More prone to hyperlipidemia
Studies have shown that people with abdominal obesity are several times more likely to develop hypercholesterolemia and hypertriglyceridemia than normal people, and often have abnormally elevated LDL and very low-density lipoprotein, which is high. High-density lipoproteins are instead reduced.

3. More prone to cerebral atherosclerosis
The cerebral blood vessels of men are hard and brittle, and they are prone to rupture under the influence of high blood pressure, causing dangerous cerebral hemorrhage and even life-threatening. Statistics show that the incidence of cerebral hemorrhage in men with thicker waist circumference is 3.6 times that of normal people. Studies have shown that in the case of equal obesity, the incidence of cerebral infarction in abdominal obesity (lower waist) is 3-5 times higher than that in hip type obese (hip fat), and compared with those with normal waist circumference, the waist is thicker. The body's ability to recover after a stroke is significantly reduced.

4. Easy to lead to fatty liver
About half of obese people have fatty liver. The liver is the site of synthetic triglycerides, but there is not much extra space in the liver to store it. In the obese people, the balance between triglyceride synthesis and transport is dysregulated. Obese people have more fatty acid intake, so the liver synthesizes more triglycerides. A large amount of triglycerides accumulate in the liver, resulting in the formation of fatty liver.

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