Is beer harmful to people?


Alcohol content: one liter of beer = one or two white w […]

Alcohol content: one liter of beer = one or two white wine
Some people think that beer is a "liquid bread" with high nutritional value and low alcohol content. Drinking more will not be harmful. Tao Ran pointed out that this is a misunderstanding of many people. Because beer is a wine, the alcohol content of one liter of beer is equivalent to the alcohol content of one or two white spirits.
Tao Ran said that adults should drink one or two hundred milliliters of beer each time, not more than 500 milliliters a day (one bottle). The most suitable temperature for the beer to be drunk is 12-15 ° C. At this time, the wine and the foam are in the best condition, and the refreshing taste is most obvious when drinking. Iced beer should be eaten in moderation and should not be eaten with cured smoked food.Craft Brewery Equipment Manufacturers
Alcohol addiction: 30% begins with drunk beer
There are 40 million people in China who are like wine. According to Tao Ran, 30% of the alcoholics who stopped drinking alcohol at the center were initially drinking beer. Later, they felt that the “strength” of beer was not big enough, and gradually added low and high liquor. The most obvious signs of alcohol addicts are: not only can't get away from the wine, but also drink "sweet wine" in the morning, drink "an sacred wine" before going to bed, and often drink on an empty stomach.
If you have the following performances: drink beer often and indiscriminately, drink alcohol on the wine table; drink alcohol at home, have alcoholism; forget things, even remember the things before drinking. At this time, even if the body has not seen obvious discomfort, it is already a substance-dependent alcoholic addiction patient, Tao Ran suggests that such people should consider abstaining from alcohol and treatment.
Alcohol addiction inheritance: Dad is a drunkard child with low IQ
Tao Ran said that men's alcoholism not only affects their own health, but also may pass the alcohol addiction to the next generation. Because if the husband drinks a lot, even if it is beer, the child born after the wife is pregnant may be the "baby wine syndrome" patient. Such children love to cry and have weak intelligence. When they grow up, they are also addicted to alcohol. Because Dad often gets drunk on weekends, the United States calls such children "Sunday Baby."
Be careful of the following "beer disease" injuries
1. Liver cirrhosis: Beer is rich in nutrients and produces a lot of calories. Most of the nutrients contained in the beer can be absorbed by the body. Long-term drinking will cause fat accumulation in the body and form fatty liver. At the same time, 80% of alcohol is metabolized by the liver, and long-term alcohol soaking causes alcoholic liver, which in turn turns into cirrhosis and liver cancer, greatly shortening lifespan.
2. Beer heart: alcohol accumulated in beer will damage the liver function, but also weaken the myocardial function, causing tachycardia; plus excess liquid will increase the blood circulation and increase the burden on the heart, resulting in cardiac hypertrophy, ventricular volume expansion, heart Increase to form a "beer heart". In the long run, heart failure, heart rhythm disorder, etc. can be caused.
3. Alcoholic encephalopathy: Late alcohol addicts will develop alcoholic encephalopathy, and the cerebellum loses its balance, causing people to experience unstable symptoms such as walking and auditory hallucinations. At this point, the patient's life is already very dangerous, the liver loses its detoxification function, and 100% cirrhosis.
4. Beer allergy: Some people suffer from throat edema, wheezing, and numbness, tingling and other symptoms after drinking beer. This is an allergic reaction caused by beer. In recent years, the incidence of morbidity has increased. Because many people don't know that beer can also cause allergies, some inexperienced doctors are overwhelmed by beer allergies.
5. Cancer: Drinking more beer will also reduce the body's ability to respond. American cancer experts have found that people who drink a lot of beer are three times more likely to develop oral and esophageal cancer than those who drink hard alcohol. Australian experts have found that people who drink more than 5 liters a day are most likely to have rectal cancer.
Dad often drinks more than 500 ml (one bottle) a day. Not only does he have a fatty liver and a "beer heart", but the child who grows up is also addicted to alcohol. Yesterday, Tao Ran, director of the Beijing Military Region General Hospital Addiction Center, reminded men who like to drink beer in the summer. The beer consumption of one day is preferably less than 500 ml.
☆ Lead poisoning:
Lead in beer brewing raw materials, after a large amount of drinking, the blood lead content is increased, causing mental decline, slow response, severe damage to the reproductive system; old age is prone to senile dementia.

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