• How is beer done?


    Beer production can be roughly divided into three main processes: malting, beer brewing and beer filling. 1. Malt manufacturing There are the following six procedures. Barley storage: Freshly harveste...

  • Will the beer expire?


    1, will expire, can not be directly consumed. 2, beer expiration is the most prone to deterioration, when the indicators decline, the number of bacteria will increase, severe turbidity or sediment. So...

  • Is beer harmful to people?


    Alcohol content: one liter of beer = one or two white wine Some people think that beer is a "liquid bread" with high nutritional value and low alcohol content. Drinking more will not be harmful. Tao R...

  • What is the name of the beer machine? ?


    To make beer, you need a complete set of equipment, at least saccharification pot, steam generator, fermenter, chiller, filter, and preferably yeast expansion equipment. 1. Beer is one of the oldest a...

  • What is craft beer?


    Craft beer is used to distinguish it from most common industrial beers (Qingdao, Snowflake, Yanjing, Budweiser, Heineken, Carlsberg). This and its taste is bitter and sweet, the fragrance is acid, and...

  • Equipment for brewing fresh beer equipment


    German-style brewed beer equipment mainly consists of the following systems: 1. Malt smashing system 2, saccharification, boiling, filtration system 3. Fermentation system 4, temperature control syste...

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