• The most alcoholic beer


    The world's most alcoholic beer - "snake." The Scottish winery Brewmeister has launched “Dooms of the End” and “Snake Venom” with alcohol content of 65% and 67.5%, respectively, which still maintains ...

  • Vacuum valve and a safety valve


    A vacuum valve is a valve that has a working pressure lower than the standard atmospheric pressure. First, the nature is different 1. Safety valve: The opening and closing member is in the normally cl...

  • Commercial Beer Brewing Equipment


    The stock of brewing supplies available through GW Kent includes top brands and styles from small batch microbrewery equipment to 100 barrel fermenters. Find everything you need to fit your brewery fr...

  • A Home Beer Brewery of Your Own


    Home beer brewing is a growing hobby, and the last few years more and more people started taking part of this ancient tradition. Making your own beer, complete with your own label is a great activity....

  • What Is In A Bottle Of Wine


    Wine is composed of unmodified grape juice which was fermented to create an alcoholic drink that many people enjoy the world over. In many countries, dinner or even lunch is not complete without a bot...

  • Main features of British beer equipment:


    1. We say that the main equipment of British beer equipment includes the following parts: “Brewing equipment (ie beer fermentation tanks, water treatment equipment, refrigeration equipment in German e...

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