• Brand Breweries - The Home of Brand Beer!


    The famous Brand beers all find their source at Brand breweries, tucked away in the municipality of Wijre in Netherlands. The main reason the Brand family decided to establish their first brewery in W...

  • Dutch entrepreneurs brew beer with rainwater


    For more than a century, June has been listed as one of the rainiest months in many parts of Europe. In the Dutch capital, Amsterdam, rain has become a blessing for many local entrepreneurs, and too m...

  • How to Convert Steam to BTU


    When you're designing a heating system it's often necessary to convert between the measurements commonly used with your energy source and the unit – typically British Thermal Units or heat units – use...

  • What is the culture of beer?


    Beer is a very common drink in life. In summer, people like to drink a glass of cold cold beer is very comfortable. They will also have a glass when they eat barbecue. In the summer, beer has replaced...

  • What is the hydrometer for home-brewed beer?


    Malt: Both germinated barley or wheat, and sometimes germinated grains such as oats, rye, and rye. Wort syrup: In order to facilitate the use of home brewing, some manufacturers will concentrate the m...

  • Malt processing for beer production


    Malt treatment has the following six steps. Barley storage: Freshly harvested barley has a dormant period and low germination power. Barley selection: remove debris with wind power and sieve, and clas...

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