The most alcoholic beer


The world's most alcoholic beer - "snake." The Scottish […]

The world's most alcoholic beer - "snake."

The Scottish winery Brewmeister has launched “Dooms of the End” and “Snake Venom” with alcohol content of 65% and 67.5%, respectively, which still maintains a world record for beer alcohol.

The alcohol content of the beer is usually not very high. When Fermenters Suppliers Wholesalesthe malt used to produce beer is 10 degrees of alcohol during fermentation, the yeast in the wine is automatically killed, and the fermentation process is terminated. Therefore, even the strong Belgian abbey four beer, or the crafts enthusiasts of the IPA beer, there are few products with more than 10 degrees; ordinary beer is only about 4 degrees.

Any industry will have Geek who is unwilling to take advantage of the challenges and challenge the limits. The beer industry is no exception. The usual "player" will do beer with a variety of strange flavors, such as Mexican chili, Pu'er tea and even gunpowder; but in recent years, a group of Geek-level "players" have reached the peak of beer alcohol concentration. the climb. The usual fermentation method does not reach the target, they start with a "cold extraction" method, the principle is: the freezing point of alcohol is a few degrees lower than the water, so the beer can be placed at the temperature between the two freezing points, in the beer The water will freeze and the ice will be taken away, and the remaining beer will have a high alcohol concentration.

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