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The most basic classification of beer is only two types […]

The most basic classification of beer is only two types. One is the Ale beer, which is a Lager beer. Al Beer is a fermented beer, which means that the yeast floats on the warm wort and the fermentation temperature is higher. This fermentation method can retain the scent of the hop to the utmost extent. Lager is a fermented beer. The yeast is under the wort and the fermentation temperature is lower. This fermentation method is easier to industrialize.
Generally speaking, due to different fermentation methods, AleCraft Brewery Equipment factory beer will first smell the scent of hops, yeast and other additives, then the fragrance of malt. Lager is just the opposite. First, you will feel the aroma of malt, then the taste of yeast and hops. So, usually Ale is better than Lager. By the way, the common beer on the market, such as Qingdao, Budweiser, Heineken or the German stout that is fried in the country, belongs to the category of American industrial light lager. This is the product of the industrialization process of the world, not the earliest beer, the earliest beer, Ale beer.

Some common derivatives

Knowing the difference between lager and Ale, due to the different regions and the way of using hops, a variety of derivative classifications have been derived. These derivatives are tens of thousands, leading to the complexity of the beer world.
Under normal circumstances, said that the craft beer, is to say ALE. The following common ale beer should be memorized in mind. When recommending wine to a friend, first ask the friend what kind of taste he likes, whether it is sweet, or sour, bitter or heavy, etc., then according to Different ale styles, you can sit in the right seat.

1.PALE ALE : Light Ayre, a British Aier beer with lighter taste, slightly bitter entrance, fresh scent of hops
2. INDIAN PALE ALE (IPA): Indian Light Air. It is also an English beer of the United Kingdom. This product was not made in India. At the time, the British colonized India. In order to transport beer for a long time, a large amount of hops was added to the PALE ALE, which gradually formed the current IPA. IPA wine tastes heavier, smells hops and yeast tastes full and pleasant, will also smell the sweetness of honey, drink a little bitter, and the fragrance is very refreshing.
3.Stout: Shi Tao Beer. It is also a British Ale that uses baked hops, so the color is dark brown. It has a thin foam and smells like an artifact of chocolate and coffee. On the basis of the traditional stout, the author also derives the imperial stout, the Russian imperial Stout, etc. The style is similar to that of the stout, but the flavor is also different because the materials are different and the way of processing the hops is slightly different.
4.Porter: Porter Beer. This product has nothing to do with Porto. It is also a British Ale, brewed with baked hops, similar to stout, but the style is stronger and rougher than stout.
5.Belgian. Biere d'abaye: Belgian abbey beer. Belgian beer has a long history and its method of brewing has been passed down from generation to generation. It is recognized as the best in the world. Belgian beer has a fragrant and mellow taste, complex and rich taste, full aroma of alcohol and malt, and sufficient adult potential. For the novice, give him a glass of Belgian beer, which is enough.
6.Lambic: The natural fermentation of beer, the brewing method is complex, can compete with wine, is the princess of the craft beer world. This kind of beer is usually sour and fruity, and the sweetness is not small, which is more suitable for girls to drink.

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