What if the beer turbidity produced by the brewed beer equipment is low?


One question: What state is the turbidity you said? Can […]

One question: What state is the turbidity you said? Can you measure it? Or describe the language and pictures. Is there a step of filtering the fermentation broth in the production process? If not, the fermentation broth is inherently turbid (called the puree beer) because there is still a lot of yeast and cold coagulum.
Second question: Is it the wort produced by saccharification? Or directly buy the wort provided by the manufacturer?
Three questions: If it is saccharified Craft Brewery Equipment factoryby itself, who made the saccharification process? What are the specific process details? Which manufacturer of raw malt is supplied? Is there a test report? (Is it tested?)
There are a lot of details about the craft involved here. You can't say a little more. You can't help you.
For the case of low beer: (should it be a problem with low beer alcohol?)
It is very likely that the degree of fermentation is not enough. It should be considered mainly from yeast. What is the performance of the yeast itself? How is the amount added? What is the details of the fermentation process?

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