What is beer yeast mud?


The yeast sludge precipitated by the brewery is a kind […]

The yeast sludge precipitated by the brewery is a kind of brewing yeast. After drying, it becomes a beer yeast protein feed, which is usually obtained in the saccharification process.
Introduction to the saccharification process:
During the fermentation process, the artificially cultivated yeast converts the fermentable sugar in the wort into alcohol and carbon dioxide to produce beer. Fermentation takes place within eight hours and proceeds at an accelerated rate, accumulating a high density foam called "wrinkle". This foam reached its highest stage on the 3rd or 4th day. From the 5th day, the speed of fermentation has slowed down, and the wrinkles begin to spread on the surface of the wort, which must be removed. After fermenting all the fermentable substances in the wort, the yeast begins to form a thick precipitate at the bottom of the container. As the temperature gradually decreases, the fermentation is completely over after 8 to 10 days. Strict control of temperature and pressure is required throughout the process. Of course, the difference in beer and the different production processes lead to different fermentation times. Usually, the fermentation process of the lager takes about 6 days, and the pale beer is about 5 days.China Direct Fire Manufacturers
After the end of the fermentation, most of the yeast settled at the bottom of the tank. The winemakers recycle the yeast for the next can. After the yeast is removed, the product "sweet beer" is pumped into the post fermenter (or called the ripening tank). Here, the remaining yeast and insoluble proteins are further precipitated, and the style of the beer is gradually matured. The maturity time varies with the type of beer, usually 7 to 21 days.
The beer that has been fermented by post-fermentation filters out all remaining yeast and insoluble proteins in a filter and becomes the sake to be packaged. In the Lion King, the unique double filtration process not only makes the impurities produced by brewing more thorough, but also makes the liquor especially clear. The crystal water makes the drinkers enjoy the delicious taste of the beer while enjoying the visual enjoyment.

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