What is the ingredients in the beer?


In general, beer is produced by yeast fermentation of w […]

In general, beer is produced by yeast fermentation of water, malt and hops (ie, hops). Adding other flavorings or sugars is less common.
Since the main component of beer is water, water quality has a great influence on the quality of beer. The local water quality influence even determines many beer flavors. Barley malt containing more enzymes is the most widely used and widely used in many malts. However, other germinated or ungerminatedBrewing Equipment Manufacturers crops such as wheat, rice, corn, oats and rye are also widely used. The brewing of hops into beer has been a matter of recent centuries. Its role is to balance the sweetness of the malt and moderately inhibit the activity of the yeast. Yeast absorbs sugar extracted from crops during fermentation and then produces a number of compounds including alcohol and carbon dioxide. Many natural or artificially cultivated yeasts used in brewing can be roughly classified into three types: ale or top-fermenting yeast, lager or bottom-fermenting yeast, and wild yeast. The scientific name for these yeasts is (Saccharomyces cerevisiae), an important model organism in molecular biology and cell biology.
In general, 1 pin (568 ml) of beer contains about 2 alcohol units of alcohol. Alcohol content varies with the type of beer and the manufacturer. In 2005, there were also American manufacturers that launched a beer with an alcohol concentration of 25 percent, called Adams' Utopia. This kind of liqueur in a copper bottle, a bottle of 680 grams to sell 3,300 Taiwan dollars, is more expensive than the top brandy.

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