Who is the founder of the wine industry?


Du Kang is the "first ancestor of winemaking" in ancien […]

Du Kang is the "first ancestor of winemaking" in ancient Chinese legends. "The Shuo Wen Jie Zi" contains Du Kang as a wine drinker. According to folklore and historical records, Dukang is also known as Shaokang, Xia Dynasty, the fifth monarch of the Xia Dynasty, the son of the Xia HouxiangChina Craft Brewery Equipment Manufacturers
Because of Du Kang's winemaking, Du Kang will be the god of wine in the later generations, and the wine industry will be the father of Dukang. Kong Yingda sparse Han Yingying's "World Edition": "Dukang brewing wine," later generations used "Dukang" to refer to wine.

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