100L Pilot brewing system

Only 15 squares are needed to create a personal beer brewing space

100l |  Brew House

Hengcheng 100l brewing system  is a perfect fit for high-end home brewing, entry-level beer brewing house,  any startup brewery, brew pub, or as a high quality pilot system for a larger production brewery and also if you are a restaurant, barbecue or fast food restaurant, liquor store, can be used to create your  own style of craft beer, for your business boom.

100L 3-Vessel Beer Brewing System
Combinations Right Middle Left
Mash/Lauter Tank Kettle/Whirlpool tank Hot Water Tank
Nominal Volume 100L/135L
Liquid transfer 1t/h sanitary centrifugal pump, wort pump, Hot water pump
Control Mode PID instrument & switch button control
Heating Method Electric heating
Total consuming power 15KW Brewhouse+Pumps 0.37*2KW+Electric cabinet 0.1KW+Refrigerator 0.37W+ Miller 0.55KW=16.66KW
Working Voltage 3Phase 380V, 50HZ or 3phase,220V, 60Hz or customization
Add-ons Grain raker, Level sensor, Skid mounted frame, RIMS, PLC Controller, Hop filter etc..
Dimension of 3 vessels system 2300*900*1500mm
Gross weight 480KG
Production capacity 100L wort per brew batch,  design for one or two batch per day
Fermenter Usually 4 fermenters with full set of accessories
Chiller 1PH 220V 50HZ 0.37KW
Miller Output 100KG/h
Pipelines &Valves Stainless steel 304
Product Features
  1. Our approach was pragmatic and compact, and took into consideration the complete and necessary functions required by the brewhouse equipment, easy control and easy operation. The linear design is more concise and saves space. Realize your dream of brewing with only 2 squares.
  2. The overall design is made of 5 mm thick stainless steel 304 material as a solid base, and the movable universal wheel can easily adjust the position to facilitate maintenance.
  3. PID operating system and Schneider electric. The mechanical design is simple, durable and easy to use. Customers’ can choose  Siemens touch screen operation instead of the original knob operation, can be customized. hop filter and RIMS functions can also be added.
  4. In order to complete the brewing of different types of specialty beers, the fermenter temperature can be individually controlled.
  5. Strict quality control and process inspection & testing system, Jacket testing 12 hours with air and water, jacket testing pressure is 5Bar, internal shell testing pressure is 4Bar, and before packing we will also have 48hours of water testing. which all the testing record will show on our data late with the tanks shipping, with checking the list and serial numbers to track.
  6. Most importantly, our standardised quality products are priced beautifully. Inquiries are welcomed.
Contact with sales team & Teachinicians for more parameters.

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