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station keg washer

station keg washer

Product Details

Standard Features:

• HENGCHENG Automatic Three stations/two stations KEG washer is used for beer KEG cleaning,sterilization, Simple and easy to operate,
• The work phases are managed automatically, The only manual phase is the loading and unloading of the kegs
• 1 x Pipe and fittings, hot/cold water sink, bracket, wheel
• 1 x PLC, Operation interface (mitsubishi/Siemens), control program, switching power supply, circuit breaker (schneider), Contactor (omron), air source processor, pressure regulating valve.
• 1 x Electrical cabinet
• 2 x Sanitary pump
• 1 x Heating tube
• 1 x Temperature sensor
• 3 x Dispenser
• 3 x Hoses, air pipes
• 13 x Pneumatic angle seat valve

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