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CIP System

Product Details

Standard Features:

• Function: for cleaning sanitizing and sterilisation of vessels and pipes in the brewery
• Tank Capacity: 100L
• Shell: SUS304 full welded; TH=3mm
• Interior Finish: Sanitary 2B finish, Pickled and Passivated
• Exterior finish: Oil brushed metal housing
• 100% TIG welded joints with sanitary polished with stringent controls, inspection and pressure testing
• Caustic tank with 3kw electric heating element

• Dished top and small cone bottom
• Top glass porthole
• Valves and fittings included
• Portable cart with lockable casters and polish finished handle
• 1pcs Fixed Pump: NanFang, 8M3/H; 1.5kw, 26M flowlift
• Every weld to a smooth sanitary finish
• Dimension (L*W*H): 1330*600*1800mm

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