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Large Craft Brewery

Steam Brewhouse
Modular installation, PLC control , Bigger wort Grant can improve the efficiency of Lautering, Lauter Rakes and grain out with variable speed control auto lifting, Brewmaster to participate in the equipment design.

Large Craft Brewery

Product Details

Standard Features:
• 1 x Mash tun vessel with mixer, dual steam jackets
• 1 x lauter tun vessel with side and bottom grain out doors
• 1 x Brew kettle vessel with multi steam jackets
• 1 x whirlpool vessel
• 1 x SS lauter rakes and grain out with variable speed control, auto lifting with VFD
• 1 x SS work platform with sanitary process piping sanitary valves
• 4 x Sanitary wort pumps with variable speed control
• 1 x SS wort grant
• 1 x Sanitary heat exchanger and wort aeration system
• 4 x Tank LED light assemblies I x SS Electric cabinet for control system
• I x Touch screen and PLC Control system
• 4 x Thermowell for high accuracy temperature sensor
• 1 x Mash hydration assembly
• 1 x CAD layouts, installation assistance, assembly, training


Large craft brewery layout

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